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Brandi Crawford

The Best Juneteenth Recipes

The Best Juneteenth Recipes is a collection of traditional celebratory food recipes and ideas for your holiday menu. This menu listing and spread includes dinner, brunch, and dessert. If you’re thinking about what to cook for Juneteenth you have come the right place. What is Juneteenth? Why is it Celebrated? On June 19, 1865, about …

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African American Cornbread Dressing Recipes

This is a collection of old fashioned, homemade African American Cornbread Dressing Recipes prepared by Black creators. These Southern recipes are made with chicken, sausage, seafood, along with a vegan option for those looking for Black folks version of the dish. Serve this for soul food Sunday dinners, Christmas, or Thanksgiving. What is Cornbread Dressing …

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Cajun Stuffed Chicken

This Cajun Stuffed Chicken is a classic Southern recipe made with juicy chicken breast, Holy Trinity vegetables, andouille sausage, and gooey melted cheese. Serve this easy meal for weeknight dinners and with traditional soul food side dishes. What Type of Chicken to Use Boneless, skinless chicken breasts will work best for this recipe. Key Recipe …

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Soul Food Easter Dinner Recipes

Here you will find a collection of recipes and ideas for a traditional Easter dinner menu. The recipes include Southern staples and favorites for main dishes, appetizers, side dishes, and dessert including ham, macaroni and cheese, collard greens, carrot cake, pound cake and more. Your Guide To Planning to Planning Easter Dinner A soul food …

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Southern Chicken Salad Recipe

This Southern Chicken Salad is the best old-fashioned recipe. Black folks chicken salad is made with mayo, pickle relish, spices, and more. Feel free to toss in eggs if you prefer. What Type of Chicken to Use This recipe is typically made using chicken breasts. You can also use chicken thighs, leftover rotisserie chicken, or …

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Why Do Black People Wash Chicken?

I didn’t realize Black folks and other minorities and people are color are typically the only people who are adamant about washing off their chicken until I was an adult. I noticed it because every time the “chicken washing debate” would circulate on social media whites/Caucasians would always appear astounded and shocked there was even …

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