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Best Thanksgiving Turkey Recipes For Dinner 

Turkey meat is a staple you won’t miss at most Thanksgiving dinner tables. So, learning different and interesting turkey recipes for dinner will enable you to create great family memories. If you have been cooking your turkey the same way for years, it’s time to spice things up. 

Turkey is versatile and can be cooked in several ways, including baking, roasting, smoking, and frying. In this post, I’ll share Thanksgiving Turkey recipes easy to make at home using various parts like thighs, legs, and breasts.

This is for you, too, if you just need regular-day turkey recipes, not Thanksgiving specials. I’ll also suggest hassle-free ways to make tender and delicious, whole turkey.

What To Expect with these Turkey Recipes

These Turkey recipes are easy, moist, and some of the best options to add to your dinner or soul food thanksgiving menu.

You’ll find options for Turkey parts, like turkey leg and turkey breast recipes. These are perfect for those wanting to have a Thanksgiving for two or a regular dinner meal.

Now let’s dive into the various Thanksgiving Turkey recipes and regular dinner ideas you can explore:

More Thanksgiving Recipe Collections:

Turkey Thigh Recipes for Dinner

Get tender roasted turkey meat when using the turkey thigh. You can cook it in the oven, pressure cooker or air fryer. Believe it or not, these are available year-round. Plus, they're perfect or small gatherings as they are less than two pounds.

Turkey Wing Recipes

No need to figure out who gets the wings with these turkey wing recipes. Make these when you want to skip baking a whole turkey and enjoy your favorite part (the wings) instead.

Whole Turkey Recipes

Not every family needs an entire whole turkey for Thanksgiving dinner. But if you do, then you'll want to have these Whole Turkey Recipes. They include tips to keep your turkey moist. Plus, you can cook them using a range of methods like deep frying, roasting, and smoking.

Turkey Breast Recipes

White meat is my favorite, but it cooks faster than everything else. So, it's best to make the turkey breast by itself. These turkey breast recipes are perfect for Thanksgiving and other holidays. Plus, they cook in less than half the time of an entire whole turkey.

Turkey Leg Recipes

Whether you want to make turkey legs in the smoker, air fryer or slow cooker, these easy Thanksgiving turkey leg recipes will be hit.


How do I keep my turkey moist?

One of the best strategies is to brine your fresh turkey or buy a turkey that is already brined. For fresh whole turkeys, I prefer a buttermilk brine, but you can also use chicken stock-based turkey brine. You can also keep a turkey moist by cooking turkey in a slow cooker and using an oven bag. However, those two options require an additional step to make sure that the turkey skin crisps.

How do you cook a turkey without it drying out?

You can use the same strategies above to keep your turkey from drying out. I also recommend using an injector to inject liquids into your turkey like butter and spices. You should also rub your turkey (inside and out) with butter before cooking.

What can I put in my turkey for flavor?

You can put garlic herb butter inside. I also use a turkey injector to add white wine!


If your Thanksgiving turkey game has been obvious for the longest time, change things up and surprise your family this coming holiday. You can also adopt some of the recipes on the list and make your regular dinner times special.