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Best Keto Soul Food Recipes

Typical Southern Soul Food is deep-fried and carb-loaded because it’s more about fun, comfort and flavor, not carb counting. But, these Keto Soul Food Recipes prove that you don’t have to choose between flavor and carbs. Here, you’ll find some of the best keto comfort food to make a soul food dinner like cornbread, collard greens with hammocks, fried chicken, and more!

Why Make Keto Soul Food Recipes:

  • Soul food without sugar and carbs: Soul food wasn’t invented with a keto or any low-carb diets in mind. So, these easy recipes allow you to have soul food flavors and stick to your goals.
  • Tried & tested keto-friendly recipes: this list includes classic soul food dishes with tweaks to make them fit a keto and low-carb way of eating.

Top Tips for Cooking Low Carb Soul Food:

  1. Find your favorite keto sweetener: whether you are following a keto way of eating or simply want to cut down on carbs, finding a keto-friendly substitute for sugar is an easy way to cut down on carbs in any recipe. Each of these recipes includes an option.
  2. Use a tested keto recipe: making a soul food recipe keto-friendly isn’t just about swapping regular flour for almond flour or using a vegetable in place of noodles. So, always use a tried and tested recipe like the ones included in this list.

More Soul Food Recipe Collections

Keto Soul Food Main Dishes

I don’t believe in punishing my taste buds for a diet’s sake. That’s why I’m big on finding enjoyable keto options. Below are my top low-carb soul food main dish ideas!

Keto Soul Food Side Dishes & Appetizers

Most soul sides are full of carbs, making them bad for keto. Below are some tasty keto soul food sides and appetizers to consider:

Keto Soul Food Desserts

Regular desserts have added sugar and other high-carb ingredients. They are good for enjoyment but don’t serve keto dieters’ goals. Below are some low-carb and keto soul food dessert alternatives:


Monday 29th of January 2024

I made the keto cornbread and meatloaf, excellent, husband loved it!

Brandi Crawford

Thursday 15th of February 2024

So glad to hear it!